Why Don’t Car Manufacturers Fully Tune Their Cars?

If you’re a car performance enthusiast, then you know that most cars leave the factory with significant performance limitations. Why is this? Why don’t car manufacturers fully tune their cars?

The answer lies in the complex and tightly regulated automotive industry. Let’s take a look at what goes into car tuning and why automakers can’t always do it themselves.

What Is Car Tuning?

Engine tuning is the process of making modifications to the engine itself in order to increase power and performance. This can be done by adding or modifying camshafts, intake manifolds, exhaust systems, and other engine components. It can also be done by adjusting the engine’s computerised control systems (ECU) to allow for more aggressive timing and fueling.

ECU tuning can significantly improve a car’s performance but comes with its own challenges. Engine tuning is more complex and expensive, requiring a higher level of expertise. In addition, car tuning can void the warranty on a new car.

3 Reasons Why Don’t Car Manufacturers Fully Tune Their Cars

1. Car Manufacturers Have To Make A Profit

Car tuning can be expensive and time-consuming. Car makers have to make a profit on each car they sell and they can’t afford to spend too much money on making modifications. They also have to be able to sell the car in different markets around the world. In some countries, cars are taxed based on engine size and power. So if a car maker tunes a car to make it more powerful, they might have to pay more taxes in some countries.

2. The Automotive Industry Is Tightly Regulated

There are strict regulations that govern the automotive industry. These regulations vary from country to country, but they all exist for the same reason: to keep cars safe. Car makers have to follow these regulations when they’re designing and building their cars.

3. Cars Are Designed To Last For A Certain Amount Of Miles Or Years

Another reason why car makers don’t do ECU tuning for their vehicles is that they’re designed to last for a certain amount of miles or years. When a car is tuned, it’s put under more stress and this can cause parts to wear out sooner. This means the car might not last as long as it was designed to and the owner might have to buy a new car sooner than planned.

Final Thoughts

The reasons we’ve listed in this blog are why most car manufacturers don’t fully tune their cars before they’re sold to the public. It’s simply too risky from a legal and financial standpoint.

However, this doesn’t mean that car makers don’t want their cars to be tuned. In fact, many automakers offer performance parts and kits for their vehicles that can be installed by the customer or by a qualified mechanic.

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