VAG Servicing Garage In Wantage

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VAG Servicing Garage In Wantage

AK Performance Tuning is fully equipped for dealer-level VAG servicing and maintenance. Our skilled technicians are committed to excellence and have over 10 years of VAG servicing experience.

We offer swift and comprehensive VAG servicing in our garage in Wantage and specialise in a variety of German cars, including Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, and SEAT. Our VAG servicing includes major servicing, minor servicing, oil changes, and diagnostics, ideal for pre-MOT inspections and improving the performance and reliability of your VAG vehicle.

Service Pricing Details:

Engine Size 2.0 and under

Service Price (ex - VAT)
Oil Small Service
Oil Service and Inspection
Oil Service, Inspection and Pollen Filter
Major Service
Electric Car Servicing
DSG Fluid Change
Haldex Oil and Filter Clean
Main Dealer Diagnostics
£140.00 per hour
Hourly Labour Rate

Engine Size 3.0 and Over

Service Price (ex - VAT)
Oil and Inspection Service
Oil and Inspection Service with Extended Scope
Oil and Inspection Service plus Pollen Filter
Air Filter Replacement
Fuel Filter Replacement
Pollen Filter Replacement

Explore specialised servicing for:

Volkswagen Servicing

For Volkswagen owners, AK Performance Tuning provides specialised servicing, ensuring your vehicle receives meticulous care. From routine maintenance to diagnostics and repairs, our technicians are well-versed in the unique needs of Volkswagen cars.

Audi Servicing

As Audi servicing specialists, we prioritise the unique requirements of these premium vehicles. From major and minor services to oil change services and diagnostics, we ensure your Audi performs at its best.

Skoda Servicing

AK Performance Tuning provides specialised servicing for Skoda vehicles, covering major and minor services, as well as diagnostics. Our technicians are committed to maintaining the reliability and performance of your Skoda.

SEAT Servicing

For SEAT owners, our major and minor services, along with diagnostics, are designed to keep your vehicle running smoothly. AK Performance Tuning’s expertise ensures your SEAT receives the care it deserves.

Major Service:

Optimise VAG performance with our comprehensive major service, covering engine tuning, spark plug replacement, brake system maintenance, suspension check, exhaust inspection, and electrical diagnostics.

Minor Service:

Ensure VAG reliability with our minor service, including oil and filter change, fluid checks, tire rotation, battery testing, and thorough brake system inspection.

Oil Change Service:

Experience hassle-free oil maintenance. Our skilled technicians provide on-the-go oil and filter replacements, ensuring optimal lubrication and protection for your engine.

Diagnostics Service:

Swift and accurate VAG diagnostics to identify and resolve electronic system issues. Our mobile service delivers reliable solutions for warning lights and performance concerns.

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Enhance the performance, power, and reliability of your VAG vehicle with our VAG servicing in our garage in Wantage. Our technicians specialise in Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, and SEAT vehicles and are ready to deliver major servicing, minor servicing, oil changes, and diagnostics.