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S5 Tracker DEVICE Installation Services

Are you looking for vehicle tracking solutions in Oxfordshire? AK Performance offers a wide range of vehicle tracker device installation services. Our technicians are experts in fitting GPS trackers from Meta Trak and Scorpion Track, the industry leaders in vehicle tracking systems.

Whether you need to fit a car location tracker on your vehicle or want to install the best GPS tracker for the car available, we have the perfect solution for you. We provide motorcycle tracker installation, van tracker installation, S5/S7 tracker installation, motorhome/caravan tracker installation and specialist Audi, Mercedes and BMW tracking system installations. 

Our experienced team understands that accurate vehicle tracking is essential for business or personal use. Our vehicle tracker device installation service at AK Performance is thorough, efficient and cost-effective. We take the time to understand your vehicle tracking needs and offer tailored solutions that meet those requirements perfectly.

For vehicle tracker device installation you can trust in Oxfordshire, contact AK Performance today for a free quote. Your vehicle will be well protected with our high-quality vehicle tracking systems.

Benefits of Meta Trak S5 Trackers -

Meta Trak S5 Trackers, installed with care by AK Performance, can provide various benefits to your vehicle. These category S5 trackers are the perfect choice for cars and vans. With Meta Trak’s category S5 tracking system in place, you can enjoy added security and protection for your vehicle. 

These trackers come with various features, including secure web-based tracking, real-time 24/7 monitoring, geo-fencing alerts and remote immobilisation functionality. With this comprehensive suite of features from Meta Trak S5 trackers, you can be sure that any suspicious activity or movement outside authorised zones will be flagged immediately and reported. 

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What’s more, category S5 trackers also offer a range of additional benefits, such as improved fuel economy and fuel savings. In addition, Meta Trak S5 trackers are designed to be reliable and secure; they use the latest GPS technology and can provide highly accurate tracking data for your vehicle when needed. 

With AK Performance’s professional installation services, you will have complete peace of mind that your category S5 tracker is fitted correctly, allowing you to monitor your vehicle easily whenever you need to. By investing in an S5 car tracker from Meta Trak, you can enjoy comprehensive security for your vehicle as well as access to enhanced features that improve overall performance.

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Benefits of ScorpionTrack S5 Trackers -

ScorpionTrack category S5 trackers offer the same reliable security and protection as Meta Trak but with added perks. These category S5 trackers have the same features as Meta Trak, such as web-based tracking, real-time 24/7 monitoring, geo-fencing alerts and remote immobilisation functionality. 

What sets ScorpionTrack category s5 trackers apart is its advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) feature. This technology can detect any sudden impacts or changes in speed that may indicate an accident has occurred and will alert you immediately so you can take appropriate action if necessary. 

What are the benefits of installing an S5 Tracker?

The installation of an S5 Tracker offers a number of benefits for vehicle owners. These include increased security, peace of mind, and improved efficiency and cost savings. 

S5 Trackers are category 5 approved, meaning they offer the highest level of protection available in Europe regarding securing your vehicle. The tracker can detect if someone is trying to move your vehicle without permission, alerting you immediately so you can take appropriate action. Furthermore, they also monitor any attempted break-ins or tampering with the vehicle. 

In addition to increased security, S5 Trackers improve fleet management capabilities by monitoring driver behaviour and providing real-time tracking data. This allows businesses to easily optimise their fleet efficiency and reduce costs associated with inefficient driving. 

Finally, S5 Trackers offer several other features, such as real-time speed tracking, geo-fencing options and remote immobilisation capabilities. These features combine to make S5 Trackers the ideal solution for any business or individual looking to protect their vehicle and save time and money. 

At AK Performance, we are proud to offer both Meta Trak & ScorpionTrack category 5 approved trackers for installation in your vehicle. With our professional installation service, you can rest easy knowing that your car is secure with the best tracker technology available. Contact us now to find out more about our S5 Tracker installation services!


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