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Mobile ECU Remapping in Oxford, Reading & Swindon


Tuning for the VW Golf R Platform
AK Performance unlocks the true performance of your Golf R engine through advanced ECU Tuning resulting in an increase in vehicle power and torque safely throughout the entire RPM range. This unique process is accomplished by calibrating how the ECU communicates to the engine vital components to provide a true performance experience.
Great drivability, increased power, torque and most importantly it’s safe, reliable and fully customizable.
More economy, more power, increased torque, it’s all in the code
Key AK Performance Benefits:

Tuned specifically to your vehicle
Switch between your factory file and tuned files from the comfort of your home or workplace
Switch between tunes as many times as you like
More power, torque and throttle response
Tuned to suit UK conditions

AK’s Golf R Tuning/Remapping Solutions work on all VW Golf R’s –Golf R Tuning
Do you want to gain more power, torque and better MPG for your Volkswagen Golf R Engine? Then look no further.

VW GOLR r stage 1

295 bhp

364 bhp

280 lb/ft

364 lb/ft