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about our dyno

AK Performance has a truly independent state-of-the-art dyno room facility. We’re passionate about performance, whether on the track or around town. That’s why we have a state-of-the-art dyno room facility where you can see your power numbers improve in real-time with our friendly staff, who are always ready to help!

The AK Performance team is fully independent and committed to providing excellent customer service while being free from any ties or loyalties so that all customers receive personal attention when they need advice regarding their vehicle needs.


Our expertise in dyno tuning is second to none, but it doesn’t stop there. We provide tangible evidence of our improvements by supplying you with a dyno graph of horsepower and torque before and after tuning.

Bespoke custom remapping services that use the latest technology and software. This means we can tailor the map precisely to your vehicle, whether for improved economy, increased power or both. We also cater for those who want a more individual touch by offering custom dyno runs and engine management setups.

So if you’re looking for Dyno Tuning in Swindon, look no further than AK Performance!