Save Money: What are the Benefits of ECO Tuning?

Discover how ECO Tuning can help you stretch your diesel budget further. With fuel prices soaring and living costs on the rise, maximising your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is essential. Our ECO Tuning service in Wantage offers a solution by optimising your ECU for improved fuel economy, power, and performance. Explore how ECO tuning works, its benefits, and why it’s the savvy choice for drivers seeking long-term savings.

What is Economy Tuning?

Economy tuning, or ECO tuning, is a specialised service provided by AK Performance Tuning. Our technicians carefully assess your vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) and make targeted modifications to specific values and parameters to enhance both performance and fuel economy. From adjusting idle and throttle response to fine-tuning injection duration, numerous parameters can be customised to optimise your engine’s efficiency and output.

How does ECO Tuning work?

Our Quantum Green TDI economy tuning software optimises your engine’s performance by adjusting torque limits at lower RPM, promoting efficient driving habits. At higher RPM, the software also encourages shifting up through the gearbox to maintain optimal engine performance. This strategic tuning ensures smoother acceleration and maximises fuel efficiency across various driving conditions.

Benefits of Car Economy Tuning:

  1. Improved Fuel Economy: Experience fuel savings of up to 15% with our economy tuning, helping you stretch your fuel budget further in the face of rising costs.
  2. Increased Power and Torque: Enjoy significant boosts in power and torque without sacrificing fuel economy, enhancing your driving experience with improved performance.
  3. Smoother, More Responsive Acceleration: Our ECO tuning makes your vehicle feel more responsive and lively, providing a dynamic driving experience without compromising comfort.
  4. Lower RPM Performance: Optimise your engine’s torque output for faster acceleration and reduced fuel consumption, ensuring efficient performance at lower RPM ranges.
engine remapping

What to Consider Before ECO Tuning?

Before opting for ECO tuning, there are several important factors to consider, including:

Vehicle Warranty: Check your vehicle’s warranty terms and conditions to ensure that ECO tuning does not void any existing warranties. Some manufacturers may have restrictions or clauses regarding modifications to the engine control unit (ECU).

Consult Experts: Only use trusted and experienced technicians for ECO tuning and ECU remapping. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on your specific vehicle and driving needs. Choosing an inexperienced technician can result in detrimental effects to your vehicle, including reduced fuel economy and performance.

Why Choose AK Performance for ECO Tuning

Unlike traditional tuning companies, AK Performance Tuning offers the convenience of mobile ECU tuning services. Our experienced technicians visit you, equipped to deliver garage-quality tuning and remapping directly to your location. Whether you’re in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, or Gloucestershire, our mobile service ensures you receive quality ECO tuning wherever you are.

Book ECO Tuning with AK Performance Tuning

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