On-Site Carbon Cleaning Services In Wantage

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Unlock Engine Power With Carbon Cleaning

Boost Power & Performance With Our On-Site Carbon Cleaning Service

Over time, harmful carbon deposits build-up in your engine, affecting performance, fuel efficiency, and your love of driving. If you make frequent short journeys with stop-start driving, your car is more at risk.

Visit our dedicated carbon cleaning unit in Wantage and let us revitalise your engine. We’ll circulate a specialised solution through your engine to dissolve and flush out carbon deposits, leaving it clean and ready to deliver.

Is Carbon Cleaning Effective?

Absolutely! Carbon buildup is a widespread issue impacting engine power and fuel economy. Our process, typically taking a few hours, is performed on-site in our well-equipped garage in Wantage. Besides immediate performance improvement, carbon cleaning extends engine life and is a cost-effective measure.

Benefits of Carbon Cleaning:


Restore Performance

Regain lost power and fuel efficiency.


Reduce Emissions

Enhance environmental friendliness.


Extend Engine Life

Minimize wear on vital components.


Improve Fuel Efficiency

Enhance miles per gallon.

Warnings Signs Your Engine Needs Carbon Cleaning

If you make frequent short journeys with stop-start driving, your car may not reach the temperatures needed to burn off excess carbon and is more at risk of carbon accumulation. Look out for these warning signs:
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When to Consider Carbon Cleaning

To maintain optimal engine performance, we advise carbon cleaning every 20,000 miles. Your driving habits and vehicle model will affect this interval. If you often make short trips with stop-start driving, more frequent cleaning may be needed.

Scheduled before a service or MOT, carbon cleaning prevents potential emission test failures due to deposits.

Don’t wait for your engine’s carbon build-up to worsen. Book now for an efficient and cost-effective solution to keep your engine running like new.