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What Is Air Con Regas?

Air con regas, also known as air conditioning regas, is a professional service to recharge and replenish refrigerant in your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Over time, the refrigerant can deplete, leading to reduced cooling performance.

At AK Performance, we offer top-quality mobile air con regas service in and around Oxfordshire, Berkshire & Wiltshire to ensure your vehicle’s air conditioning system operates at its best.

The Benefits of Air Con Regas


Regain Cooling Efficiency

Over time, the refrigerant in your air conditioning system can diminish, resulting in less effective cooling. Our air con regas service will recharge the system with fresh refrigerant, restoring optimal cooling performance for a comfortable driving experience.


Improved Air Quality

A properly functioning air conditioning system helps filter and circulate clean air inside your vehicle. By maintaining the refrigerant levels through air con regas, you can enjoy cleaner and fresher air, free from dust, allergens, and odours.


Prevent Costly Repairs

 Neglecting to recharge the refrigerant in your air conditioning system can cause excessive strain on its components, leading to potential damages and expensive repairs. Regular air con regas help maintain the system’s integrity and prevents major breakdowns.


When Should You Consider Mobile Air Con Regas?

If you notice a decrease in cooling performance or your air conditioning system is not providing the desired level of comfort, it’s time to consider an air con regas service. Additionally, if your vehicle’s air conditioning system hasn’t been serviced for a while, scheduling an air con regas at AK Performance is a smart preventive measure.

Mobile Air-con Locations:

We Are a Mobile Car Air Conditioning Service Operating In The South of England

AK Performance’s team visits you, unlike most car service companies. Our friendly, experienced professionals are fully mobile and comprehensively equipped to deliver a garage-quality car air con recharge service on your drive.